Is my order cancelled or not?


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Apr 13, 2010
I ordered a 16GB Black iPhone 5 on Sunday Sept. 16th. through AT&T Premier.

I have been on "In Progress" and Backordered ever since.

Yesterday I cancelled my order through the cancel button on the Premier email. Four hours later I had not heard anything, so I called the Premier customer service. A rep had to physically go into their system and push the cancellation through and reset my eligibility. An few minutes later I got an email saying that my Premier order had been cancelled.

This morning I get two emails. The first one said that a cancel request of my order had been successfully submitted. Strange .... then the second email said that my request to cancel was UNSUCCESSFUL!! WHAT??

Premier site says - order cancelled. :)

AT&T site says - order still back ordered and 'in progress'. :mad:

AT&T sites says my line is eligible for an upgrade. :confused:

*639# says that I am eligible for an upgrade. :)

So what is it? Do I still have a phone on pre-order or what? I plan on going to our local Apple store tomorrow morning to hope and get one of the new shipment phones that are supposed to come in. Sure don't want to be standing in line for hours only to find out that there is a hitch.

Any ideas?


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Jul 4, 2007
People who are not truly on Premier have no idea how bad it is. I have nothing good to say about them, as my post history would prove.