Is Panther Apple’s most stable OS?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Panther seemed more stable when it reached EOL and Tiger came along. Now Tiger is at 10.4.11 and it seems more stable than Leopard, which has only had 1 revision. Plus, more features makes it seem like there's more to go wrong.

    With a few exceptions, both Tiger and Leopard have been perfectly stable for me and my clients, just as Panther had it's issues too.
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    Plus most of the apps your are using on each OS will also have had their share of updates.
    So, not only does the OS mature, so do most of the apps on the system, making the whole Mac more stable.
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    Basically, it's better to upgrade after revision 5 or so. The systems have had most bugs worked out by then. Tiger wasn't amazing, but as of 10.4.9 I think it's the best OS I have ever used.
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    Ridiculous. :rolleyes:

    It reminds me how people use Apple's discussion topic "hits" to determine how extensive the problem is. The number of search hits from a support forum's search engine is nowhere near conclusive evidence. It doesn't take into account relevant hits that lie outside the search terms, deleted items or false positives, incorrect assessment of the problem, etc.

    This is especially true considering Apple's discussion forums have had regular revamps and pruning between 2003 and 2007. Also considering the oldest topic in "10.3 & earlier" dates from late December, 2004, and the earliest date range you can specify is "Last Year" it's not exactly relevant comparison.

    That's not to say Leopard doesn't have problems, or isn't "more bug ridden" than Panther. However, it certainly doesn't indicate that it does, either. I really wish MacBytes would start prepending the site to the news entry, or allowing me to mouse over the URL to let me know which articles to avoid.

    EDIT: Oops, nevermind, does show the website the story comes from. :)
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    yeah, you can't go buy what the author is basing his argument on. and, i doubt there are more Panther users than Leopard users. most Panther users upgraded to Tiger.

    and even if i'm wrong about that, you still can't go buy his "estimates". but Panther was pretty stable though, if i remember correctly. (90 days uptime on my mini with 256 RAM)
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    Yes. Tiger gave me so many problems, almost none with Leopard, and next to none with Panther.

    For me, it goes Panther > Leopard > Tiger.

    I can't wait for Leopard to reach EoL, it'll most likely be phenomenal!

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