Is protesting Illegal now? Tar Sands.

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    Honestly, I wanted to hear it from this board. I have been hearing numerous stories of protestors being arrested at the White House while protesting the Tar Sands pipeline. Is it really freedom if you can only exercise your rights when and where the Govt says you can?

    Tar sands pipeline protesters arrested at White House

    FirstNations and American Indian Leaders Arrested In Front Of White House To ProtestKeystone XL Pipeline

    I also wanted to get people's opinion on the liability and danger of the proposed Pipeline.

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    Yes and no. Protests needs to be peaceful and not cause a disturbance. As important as freedom of speech is, it does have its limitations. Where those limitations are set are subject to debate. As for the pipeline, im against it. Too much environmental damage, down with oil.
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    No, it is not illegal to protest Tar Sands, even in front of the White House. However, it can become illegal for a lot of reasons, such as as blocking something, a large organized gathering without a permit (permit for which would be somewhere else, like the ever-popular Mall). etc. So, people doing such protesting deliberately break the law so that they will get arrested-- and get publicity. That is, in fact, the point. This is called Civil Disobedience. See Thoreau:

    These events have been a steady occurrence in front of the White House in the past 50 years, like the weather. I wonder if there is a calendar somewhere that shows all the protests held over the years in front of the White House showing events with resulting arrests. It would make an interesting record of what the up-and-coming political topics of the day are.

    Tar Sands, Shale Oil, etc. have been promoted as a source of fuel for many decades now, but, have never been economic-- without subsidies.
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    From your second link:
    This makes it sound less like they were arrested for protesting and more for not following a lawful order given by a peace officer.

    Further, much useful information is left out: did they have a permit for their demonstration, were they abiding within its restrictions (time, place, etc), were they disrupting traffic or otherwise causing a disturbance.

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