Is Stacks the same as Piles

Discussion in 'macOS Mojave (10.14)' started by bradbomb, Jun 6, 2018.

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    It's similar, yes. The reveal UI works a bit differently from how Piles is described in that link, though. You can see it here:

    As to why, who knows. Apple is made up of a lot of people with conflicting and changing opinions. They killed Cover Flow several years ago, only to bring it back now and call it "Gallery View" (albeit with some enhancements.)

    It should be noted that Piles was never formally announced--it was just a patent SpyMac found. Apple patents UI ideas all the time, but that doesn't mean they are going to use them.
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    Stacks is the same as the stacks first introduced in Mac OS X leopard.
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    There have been similar(ish) situations in the past - I'm pretty sure iChat at some point included a way to take phone calls on your Mac which was re-introduced with much fanfare with Yosemite, and the Apple Watch walkie-talkie feature has taken almost 4 years to get to a shippable state after being announced (and it still isn't present in wOS 5 b1!).

    But yes, Desktop Stacks seem to behave pretty similarly to how Piles was described.
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    Yes, based on the same patent but with a suitable name. Lots of stuff have been in the labs and take time to come out, or never. Minimize in place was another.
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    I've previously had piles, its not pleasant. I'm not sure I would like Stacks, especially if it were Stacks of Piles!!!
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    I'm not sure about this feature. For one thing I put something on my desktop for easy access. If I have a series of "stacks" then I lose the ability to quicky retrieve the file. Its really acting like a subdirectory of the desktop.

    Maybe I'm not a person who has their desktop filled to the brim with icons, but when I keep things there its for a reason.
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    Previously, the only way to avoid cluttering your desktop was to set the default save location for screenshots to a different folder using a Terminal command, or move them to a different folder manually. The Stacks feature takes care of this problem nicely, and on my Mac running Mojave beta the stack is even named Screenshots.

    This is the main reason Stacks is something I would use. Otherwise, those who are really bothered by a cluttered desktop likely don't use it as a place to store files in the first place; though all of us have seen someone else with a shockingly cluttered desktop, no doubt.
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    When I saw the subject line of this thread...


    I'm looking forward to giving this a try. But like maflynn said previously, if I put something on the desktop, it was for a reason. Usually that reason is I don't want to forget about it. I want to be visually reminded to act upon it every time I sit down at the computer and I don't want it hidden in a reminder that I can dismiss, or under a menubar app, or hidden beneath a pile of other similar documents called Piles or Stacks.

    Now if I can choose which docs get put in Stacks (like; put everything but these 4 icons/docs in Stacks), then that would be infinitely more useful.
  10. homohurre123 macrumors member

    Jun 5, 2018
    Yes I like it too. I think i would be even better if they would give the possibility to create single Stacks for Screenshots as example only while still having the other files wandering around just as before.

    But still not a feature for everyone but an awesome feature for some messy persons.
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    They obviously didn't consult their UK colleagues when deciding on a name. Makes me think of the Chevrolet Nova. "No va" means "not going" in Spanish.

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