Is Steam Cloud Save Automatic?


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Aug 10, 2009
I thought that Steam had a feature in which it automatically saved your progress to the cloud (correct me if I'm wrong). Is this automatic or do you need to opt-in somehow? I have a new MacBook Pro and I have several games I've been playing on other Macs and PCs via Steam. It doesn't seem like any of my old campaigns/save files are appearing when I download my games on the new computer. Do these not tend to work cross-platform? Is there a place I can see a list of games that support it and that don't? Especially a cross-platform list? Thanks for any explanation about this feature.


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May 5, 2008
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If you go to your Steam library, select a game and it’s properties, there is a setting for cloud saves on or off. However, I keep backups of all of my saves independent of Steam so I have no idea how you would pull up a Steam cloud save.

An important thing to remember if using mods is to keep an up to date modlist, so that if you have to restore the game from scratch, say a hard drive dies, you can get the same list of mods installed so your saves won’t lose valuable data.