Is the iPhone 5 safe?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AppleBullsEye, Sep 12, 2013.

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    Sep 12, 2013
    Hello All, First, let me note that I am a huge Apple fan as I own a iPad 2, MacBook Pro and 2 iPhones (iPhone 4s and iPhone 5). So I really didn't want to get off on a start that I am trying to bash Apple as I do love the products.
    My reason for posting is my concern is that Apple decided to release the iPhone 5c and discontinued the iPhone 5. There were multiple reports throughout the world of people being electrocuted due to 3rd party cords. It obviously leads me towards the idea that there was some type of design flaw with the 5 and thus the 5c introduced. My worried about safety is, Apple being a very powerful company and being able to control any story in the media, do any of you iPhone 5 owners feel we are compromising our safety? Due to Apple being so focused on profits only? Do any of you feel they could sway a recall being done on the 5? and handle each electrocution one by one with a pay off instead of a recall? That is the frame of mind I am worried that Apple might have, my son's health is much more important then a iPhone.
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    Skeptical there's a real issue, but you could tell your son to make sure to unplug any phone before answering a call.

    Easy to do, and ensures absolutely that none of that stuff can happen.
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    It's not a design flaw of the Phone, it's a design flaw of the charger.

    Furthermore the chargers in question were unlicensed knockoff chargers, which if something is both a knockoff and a charger you want to steer completely clear away from it. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S are both safe and certified 3rd party chargers are also safe.

    If it's not Apple certified, it's not a good idea to go with it is my rule.
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    No worry, currently iPhone still is the best smartphone manufacturer. But many fake iPhones flooding the market on planet is a potential danger for people. I believe you are pretty safe if you buy real Apple products.
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    People were electrocuted by 3rd part charging adapters rather than the cords. The adapter is all that keeps you from safely handling your phone and electrocution. My understanding is that in China and India there are merchants who remove the Apple designed charger and replace it with a cheaper one. They then sell the original for a profit. Of course the person buying the phone does not know this.

    Also, the problem has not be limited to Apple devices, but they tend to get reported on more heavily.
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    Thank you all for your reply so quickly. I will make sure my son only uses Apple cords. :) With the world we live in today and companies being so worried about profits profits profits. It seems the most honest advise you would ever get are from regular people then companies. Btw.... iOS7 is absolutely amazing and I am loving it on the 4s. Can't imagine how much better it might be on the 5 series phones. :)
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    At first I wanted to call you a TROLL!

    Then bring a parent myself I understand being concerned for a child's health.

    Apple has surpassed 700 million iOS devices sold! Read that again 700,000,000!!!!

    How many have exploded ... Caught fire etc?

    I mean 700 million divided by 2? 3?

    They used bad faulty electrical chargers ... Akin to putting a device in water maybe?

    I will take those odds ... You child is more at risk riding in the car with you then with the iPhone.
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    No, your child is more at risk of winning the lottery, while being attacked by a tiger, DURING the ride in your car, than they do of being electrocuted by a 5 with a legit Apple charger...

    Odds are fun!

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