Is the media too easy on Apple?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 22, 2006.

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    Is this poll a joke? Apple can't hiccup without the tech media jumping on it. One little mistake, a few customer complaints (I recently read an article where the only research was some forum comments the guy found).

    Microsoft is taken to court by the DOJ, and all we hear are some intermittent updates.


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    Dec 9, 2003
    I guess it also depends on where you read. I think it's easier for us to say that the media jumps on Apple when they've made a mistake, or praise them when they do something good because we visit these Mac-related sites on a daily basis. At least I do. Hardly any Windows fan sites.

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    I happened to find the poll purely by chance. Some of you might notice that the poll is next to an article related to Oracle which is pretty much what I was reading about when I noticed the voting poll on Apple.
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    The media has always been too rough on Apple. How many years did we have to see the word 'beleaguered' when it came to stories about Apple? What about the CONSTANT comparison of Mac OS X to Vista? Why can't a single article be written about OS X without the journalist mentioning how Windows 'will be better' when Vista is released? Then there's Dvorak, who hasn't penned a kind word about Apple in 15 years.

    And there's more. Cnet consistently gets their facts on Macs or OS X wrong or out of date. And we're still reading that Mac OS X has 'fewer' viruses than Windows - yet they can never name a single one.

    So a day comes along and someone has a positive review of an Apple product. Must be some sort of conspiracy, right? But my favorite is when Michael Dell said Apple should close its doors and give the share holders back their money. Who's laughing now?
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    Sep 1, 2003
    Gus nails it!

    Apple ALWAYS is maligned by all but the super Maccentric press. If you read any mainstream press it's always how Apple isn't a real computer company or that Microsoft is light years ahead or erroneous reports how Apple is copying Microsoft of Bill Gates is Jesus F****** Christ or Microsoft created technology or some such. The supposedly non-biased media like CNN and Faux (Fox) News and other outlets print every and anything about M$ ad nauseam like their heros, all the while usually downplaying the latest bug or virus that is rampaging through peecees (and ONLY peecees) and in these articles they used to say "these viruses do not affect the Mac" (though really they should do that and add "because they CAN'T get viruses/bugs) but they don't mention it. To the media it's like Apple doesn't exist. Except the iPod, which the media will report on, usually saying that the iPod is used to download music (the actual device, NOT iTunes) and/or alleging that the iPod is file stealing or some-such.

    It seems to me the media is one of a few things probably all:

    1. Never used a Mac
    2. Never researched Macs/Apple, make up stuff out of ignorance, hate-by-ignorance, lies
    3. Paid off by Microsoft
    4. Champions of the status quo

    And as far as CNET they couldn't be further up Microsoft's arse unless when Gates or Ballmer yawned we'd see press credentials at the backs of their throats.

    The miracle of Apple goes beyond the fact they were in the red in 97 now just crested 20 billion in the black, that they're worth more market-wise than Dell (the darlings of the industry who are really the Walmart of computers) or that they keep on keepin' on without doing any marketing and advertising like Microsuck and Dull do (which is their entire deal, fluff, considering they make horrible product vacuous of quality and creativity, hell, M$ and Dull simply just follow Apple's lead on their software and hardware), it's a miracle because aside from the few thousand people who GET IT, that Apple is big picture just plain better, they're dragged through the mud in front of the populace every friggin' day!
  7. road dog macrumors regular

    Mar 12, 2004
    you've all got to be kidding...

    the media loves apple these days... no matter what hw, sw, or ipod thing they shovel out at us the media loves it.

    apple is not a perfect company, but the media overlooks many things.

    no other company can get away with charging 100% full price for their new versions of their software year after year to their customers.

    ummm... what about the itunes music rental service... yes, you rent music from apple... if you really owned your music you could do with it what you wanted, but you can't... you can play it in ipod, or burn it in ilife software, or that's about it...

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