Is the Verizon iPhone or Black different from the ATT or White iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jazzandmetal?, Dec 28, 2012.

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    I ask because I work with 2 people that have i5s. I have ATT the other 2 have Verizon. The 2 verizons are black and get amazing battery life. One was at 9 hours standby and 7 hours usage with no music loaded on it so it wasn't from listening to music and 50% battery. Mine was at the same percentage with the same standby and 3 hours usage. My other friend with Verizon has the same great battery life. I am on my second 5 and it is the same. Best I can get is a day and a half standby and 7 hours usage.

    My phone is white and theirs is black. Seems silly but is it Verizon? The color?

    I also have mine set up for better battery life. They both have location on, push for everything and anything else you can think of that is usually associated with saving battery.
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    The only differences are the LTE bands they operate with, and the fact that their phones are using the CDMA radio and yours is using the GSM radio.

    If they have a stronger cell signal than you do, their phones will not work as hard to stay connected.

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