Is there a historical listing of refurbished hardware Apple has offered recently?

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    Considering picking up a Refurbished Macbook Pro, but I'd hate to pick from the current crop of models only to discover a month later that there was a better model that simply wasn't listed at the time of purchase.

    Is there a historical listing of all the Macbook Pro SKUs that Apple has had in their Refurbished section?
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    Not that I'm aware of, and even if there was, it wouldn't be a predictor of future availability. The best way though, especially from Mon-Fri, is checking the store frequently, even 4-5 times a day as certain things sometimes move quickly in there, and when you see what you like, be prepared to act fast. It's first-come, first-served, and no holds.

    Sometimes you see an item you're interested in, an hour later it's gone, and later in the day, the same or a similar item is available again.

    If you want a specific item, be prepared to have patience, and keep checking frequently.

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