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General Is There a Tweak You Had in IOS 6 That You Are Still Waiting for in IOS 7?


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May 11, 2013
Since BTC Mouse & Trackpad has been updated to IOS 7, now I'm only waiting for 1 tweak to be updated, Safari Download Manager. I know about Safari Enabler but still holding out for SDM. I watched YouTube Videos on Safari Enabler and I don't like the extra step. Also, I've been occasionally checking on SDM Dev Twitter and it seems that he has not given up on it and is working on updating it. I was also waiting for Zephyr but have configured Activator to were I'm satisfy and not bothered one way or another if it's updated.

I'm please to say that I have my iPad just the way it was when I updated from IOS 6.1.2 in in late January. I held out until almost February because I was not sure I wanted to update since I had my iPad exactly how I wanted it in IOS 6. I'm glad I did update and now love IOS 7!

So what tweak you had in IOS 6 that you are still waiting for in IOS 7?
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Aug 26, 2008
Still from ios5, but Siriboard was pretty neat to have. Quasar was another that I miss on my ipad. Other than that, most have been updated.

Still looking for something that allows me to set a picture for background for both/either nc center and control center. I'm sure something will come out eventually.

Overall, I find that ios7 has the greatest mix of native apple functions and great jailbreak tweaks/apps.

Now if only the hardware could add a few features (bigger screen, bigger battery, LED light on top for notifications, 128 gb, etc.) and would be in heaven.

One software improvement would definitely be split screen multitasking ala galaxy s4........but only time will tell.


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Apr 11, 2012
Not too many for me. I think the only one Im waiting for is DietBar. It's still not supported for iOS 7 and 64 bit devices.

But luckily I don't want that tweak as badly as in the past because I have the 5s and larger screen. Regardless, if and when it gets updated I will be sure to install lol


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May 31, 2012
New England
I was waiting for LockInfo, but right now I like my set up and I don't think I would buy/install it even if it was available.
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