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Thomas Davie

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Jan 20, 2004
I can do this manually, but……

Just bought a 15 Pro Max last week and it’s working properly. Received a folio case for the phone yesterday and of course you can’t see the charge state when the folio is closed. On my AW, I use batteryphone (all one word, free) which displays the AW and iPhone charge (and charge state).

When I’m charging my phone, I switch one of my watch complications from cell phone/lower left corner to batteryphome/lower left corner. The complication updates 12-26 minutes, you can tell when the phone is fully charged - and then I switch back to the cell phone complication. I would like this to be done automatically; if phone charging, display complication on watch/if phone not charging, do not display complication on watch.

I know I’m overcomplicating things b/c I can just keep the cell phone comp<uvation on all time and run the batteryphone app manually when I want to, but there you go; I want what I want.

This is the watchface with the complication in the lower left hand corner.


This is tapping on the watchface complication or running it by tapping on it from the AW app list.
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Feb 26, 2022
This sounds like something you could do with a shortcut to change the watch face and a personal automation to kick it off.



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Nov 28, 2022
I took inspiration from @Thomas Davie ’s message and tried BatteryPhone: nice free app for what it does, but the complication seems to increase battery consumption on watch quite much (is it the cause you want to hide it unless you’re charging?)
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