Is there any danger in this? My iPad was stolen w/ SIM card inside


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Jul 27, 2010
Today I met with this guy I corresponded with on Craigslist to sell my 16GB 3G iPad, to him for $475.

(I wanted to upgrade to the 32GB 3G iPad, but didn't want to return it with a restocking fee)

So I get there (a restaurant) and I spot him, we sit down to arrange. He pulls out an envelope and places it next to me. A waitress comes up to us (we were seated at a table) and asks if we're ordering anything... I told her no we're just gonna be here for 2 minutes tops, and she explained we can't be there if we're not customers. While turning my attention to her, that's when the guy literally just grabbed my iPad, bolted out like he was running from a psycho killer. Just JETTED out there, I stood no chance. All I could do was shout out "Somebody call the police!" and chase after him, but he had already rounded the corner, was about halfway down the block, and slid into a waiting car w/ driver.

Now long story short... I did "Erase all Settings & Content" on my iPad before we met, for security. Thing is, I do NOT want to have to cancel my data plan Unlimited, because I will lose it. Since my AT&T account info on that iPad cannot be accessed without my email and password, am I safe from whatever the thief tries to do on that iPad? And would it be OK if I just have AT&T switch the Unlimited Data to my "New" iPad? I know for a fact they can "switch" over a data plan to a new unit.

Would my stolen iPad and its SIM, and my account, be safe???

Please help.


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Nov 10, 2008
I would first file a complaint with the police, get a formal acknowledgement from them and use it to negotiate with AT&T to get the account deactivated or transferred.

What a bummer!


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Jul 18, 2010

Take the Envelope with you when you file a police report they may be able to get fingerprints from it and if the thief has a record you got him


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Jun 24, 2009
Take it up with the police, and quickly call AT&T to deactivate your SIM.

Take the envelope with you to the police, and hopefully they can help you in some way.


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Jul 21, 2009
United Kingdom
Umm, I don't think deactivating the sim just yet is a good idea.. You could try and get AT&T to geolocate it remotely using the sim card, could save your iPad.

Next time, don't take the iPad out of your hands.

I'd recommend you get MobileMe after this happened. Obviously his plan all along was to steal it considering he had a driver. Didn't you catch a license plate number?
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