is there any iphone app for sending free msgs!!!????

Young Spade

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Mar 31, 2011
Tallahassee, Florida
Get a google voice number.

Get the application.

Send text messages through data and/or wifi.

Plus you can do it all from your computer as well. :)

To lower the bill, I remember actually moving all of my contacts over to google voice and actually canceling my text plan last year; you can have all texts arrive in the application to either reply there or simply do it from your browser.

Saves money and allows you to send off texts a lot faster as well without having to leave the computer.

Oh and I just remembered, this would allow you to text anybody from anywhere, without needing to have a phone. And it's a free phone number to boot. For all that it offers, it can't be beat.


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Aug 31, 2011
If your network lets you send free webtexts from their website then there is probably an app for it. That's how I send free texts.