Is there any way to go straight to step 3 on iTunes Match?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by downandout, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask this, please redirect if it is.

    I thought after the recent ipod app and apple maps debacles I couldn't get more annoyed with Apple. Well, apparently challenge accepted and met. Well done Apple.

    After a week of leaving my laptop on overnight, coming back to find it crashed, restarting the step 2 process on Match a number of times in the day, and watching it start from a slightly higher track number, I finally reached step 3 at the end of last week, and thought I was at the end of the pain. Oh silly me.

    After a drawn out process of getting to it matching 17000 of my 22000 songs, it's now trying to upload the last 5000, a combination of different files. My upload speed isn't great (around the standard UK rate), and I accept this will be a slow process, however before I reach stage 3, I have to sit for at least an hour whilst it goes through step 2 everytime, so by the time it reaches stage 3, it manages to upload maybe 40 songs, then crashes again.

    Surely if I haven't added any new songs to my database, there must be a way to skip immediately to stage 3, or is this too much like common sense?

    My laptop is 2 years old, in a good state, doesn't crash for any other reason, with decent memory. Please someone tell me I'm not screwed, or am I better off cutting my losses and asking for a refund. Given that at best I'm managing three resets a day, with a maximum of 40 songs (sometimes a lot less) uploaded a time, I'm looking at 41 days to upload the remaining 5000 songs, assuming no breaks, meeting the maximum 40 songs a shot, and my laptop not breaking from the number of crashes from memory failure?

    Anyone able to help?

    oh, an I'm not running anything else whilst match is running. The laptop is put to one side and left alone.
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