Is this another one of my stupid ideas?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by ChesneyHawkes, Aug 13, 2013.

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    I'm thinking of ordering a maxed out 27inch iMac the day before the announcement for the new Haswell ones. If this goes to plan I hope I'll be given the choice of which machine I want. I find that once the new ones come out you can only get the old ones on refurb (not available in my country) so I'd like to hedge my bets.

    Benefits if this works out are I may get the older one at a discount (maybe!), I can get the newer one sooner as I'll be at the front of the queue (probably not) and I can see if they maintain a dedicated graphics card or not.

    Negative is that if I follow the rumors incorrectly I'll end up with the 2012 machine instead of the 2013 one!

    Processing power is unlikely to be that much greater than the previous generation, and I will be using Target Disk Mode with a 2013 MBA so internal drive speed won't be a major issue either. I just can't shake the feeling they could drop the dedicated graphics card.

    Your opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    Sounds like a giant waste of time to me, but then again, I'm sure something like this might be amusing to you.
  3. omvs, Aug 14, 2013
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    I'd be very surprised if they dropped the dedicated GPU on the 27" iMac. *Maybe* on the 21", but even that would seems unlikely. There's just too big a performance gap.

    The 680m is the 2012 is pretty powerful, and even the 6970 in my 2011 iMac seems to clobber the intel solutions. Check out this chart:,3107-7.html

    EDIT: This might be even better - shows the Intel 5000 solutions. They're better than the 4000 series, but still a long ways down:
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    I don't think there is much chance of them dropping the discrete GPU, certainly not in the maxed out config. That said, the current 680MX is pretty much the same as the 780M. Unless there is a 780MX lurking in the future, a haswell iMac may not be much different than what we have now.
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    But how would you know the date of the announcement? Just because its announce doesn't mean it will be available that day.

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