Is thIs this possible? iTunes, two network connections to allow playback of iTunes purchases??

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    So here os the skinny as simple as I can explain - please help me get this straight!


    I moved to a "rural" part of Maine last summer from NJ. I love everything about Maine so far except that Farmhouse I am renting has no ISP, no tomcats - no fios - no nothing --> therefore I have to use my portable hotspot through att for all of my online needs ( this includes my wife and two kids) ... yes its expensive but its my only option and DirectTV Now is a godsend.

    So here is the problem - to watch any movies in my library that were not purchased through iTunes I just sync the iTunes Library to my apple tv and away we go - this is over a wifi router (linksys) being used simply for streaming media over wifi to devices - no internet.

    When I got play items on Apple TV from my iTunes Library that have been purchased through iTunes I cannot play them because there is no internet connection to verify that my device is authorized to play my movie/media etc.

    Is it possible to use my iPhone's hotspot to provide internet on my iMac and stream my movies to the apple tv over wifi (linksys) at the same time?

    Please let me know if you all need anymore info - your help will be greatly appreciated.


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