Is XIII any good?

Discussion in 'Games' started by neonart, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. neonart macrumors 65816


    Sep 4, 2002
    Near a Mac since 1993.
    I'd like to know your opinions on XIII. I know I can DL the demo, but I prefer to get opinions before I install new SW on my machine.

  2. 4409723 Suspended


    Jun 22, 2001
    I got the demo and played for about 5 minutes. The controls seemed unresponsive and twitchy and above all it was just not fun. It seemed like a chore to play. Maybe this was because of the sub-par performance on a Dual 1 ghz, 9000 pro.
  3. Ari_0 macrumors regular

    Jul 4, 2004
    If ya like your comic books (the crappy american kind - not the superior manga kind), and you get very excited by seeing the whole "Pow", "Woosh" and etc, and feel ok about the toony, graphic novel feel of a modern game, then you'll love it ;)

    Otherwise, you'd be better off getting the Mobile phone version, last I heard it supports the majority of nokia, sony erricson and motorolla versions.
  4. Converted2Truth macrumors 6502a


    Feb 6, 2004
    I first bought this game on the xbox. It's got a very unique which i truely enjoy. Sure the graphics are different, but that's why i like it. I'm running this game on my dp 1.8 w/9600, so you've even got a better setup. I can play this perfectly on my system with all the settings turned on. Feral did an awesome port with this game. The only complaint i have, is that once the audio got cracky on me. But that's the only problem i've ever had. The whole comic/cartoony/goony style is quite a refresher to your average FPS. Plus, it's cheap... The storyline isn't bad either. Of course, if you are a skeptic about every little thing (the type to give doom3 a rating of 7 on a scale from 1-10) then this game won't blow your skirt up. For me, i just enjoy all types of gaming, and so not much annoys me. This game is original, and i can bask in it's gameplay because of it.
  5. vraxtus macrumors 65816


    Aug 4, 2004
    San Francisco, CA
    I have it for my G5.

    It's... alright... nothing groundbreaking other than the graphics. Much like Doom3 in that regard I'd say.

    If you like FPS games pick it up but otherwise don't bother.
  6. Littleodie914 macrumors 68000


    Jun 9, 2004
    Rochester, NY
    I have XIII for PC, and it's a pretty fun FPS the first time through. The comicbook-style graphics keep it interesting for a little while, and there's a sufficient amount of weapons to stay unrepetitive. After the first time through though, it kinda drops off. There's definitely no replay value, in my opinion, and the game was a bit short for my liking. If you're looking for a FPS with a good story, maybe try Doom 3? If you're looking for a frag fest, UT2k4 is the way to go. Have fun! :cool:
  7. Danrose1977 macrumors regular


    Its actually a French comic with a style between the British 2000AD and the smoother pen work of classic French works like Tin-tin and Asterix. Personally I like the style, but found the game to be inferior to Nolf and other comic styled FPS's. I'm looking forward to Killer7, but that is definatelly a Gamecube purchase:
    Click here for some shots of it
  8. benpatient macrumors 68000

    Nov 4, 2003
    don't play D3 for the story! that's a pretty funny thing to say!

    i can't imagine...anyway...i wasn't very impressed with XIII...the graphics are...different, I will say that much. It just felt like they needed to cell-shade the entire thing, or not do it at all...3d backgrounds and 2d characters isn't my cup of tea, and after a while, the ZAP! and POWWW!'s get a bit annoying and they get in the way of your playing.

    Also, it looks simply terrible if you can't run it with 4xAA...which means it probably has to be run low-res...

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