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    Nov 5, 2002
    OK let me start off by saying that i'm an ocd clean freak not an iskin employee. I just wanted to tell the mac community how impressed i am by the quality products. I ordered a Electra GLO iskin cover for my 20gb iPod and it fits one million percent better than the groove jacket I was using. It has a very clean fit and the color is cool (iMac DV style). I also bought the iSkin keyboard protector and although it takes a little time ot get used to I really like the feel of the keyboard with cover and I love that my ibook keyboard stays clean. I'm honestly jsut very impressed by these products and I thought that other people in the market for products like the ones offered by iskin or even ppl that might want to protect their iPod or iBook keyboard. Thanks for reading I hope it will help someone. Please don't flame me just because i'm excited about my new items and how they protect my stuff.

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