Isn't it annoying that when you connect your iPhone, iPhoto and iTunes switches?

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    I find it annoying that when I plug in my iPhone, iPhoto and iTunes will both automatically select your iPhone under the "Devices" category. If I'm listening to music, it inhibits my ability to use the play/pause control properly. If I'm in iPhoto, say, playing a slideshow, it will stop the slideshow to display the iPhone panel.

    Does this bother anyone else? Is it possible to change it via System Preferences?
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    Isn't it annoying when the same thing get posted multiple time?

    Sorry I just had to!:D Please don't take it the wrong way. And to answer your question, you can't, I believe, on Mac. On PC you can change something in iTunes preferences but it doesn't seem to be there in iTunes for Mac. And for iPhoto, I don't know. Mine doesn't open up for some reason on my MacBook Pro but does open on my iMac when I connect my iPhone. I will check my preferences and get back to you.

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    I don't know if anyone noticed but I changed the quote in my post to express my feelings about something else that annoys me.:)

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    good for you???

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