Israeli, West Bank, Palestinian, or Settler? Where are goods from Israel made?

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    This week, the UK government is asking that produce imported from Israel clarify whether it is produced in the context of their settlements in Palestinian territory, which are viewed as unlawful by many outside Israel.

    NPR here in the US brought up the same issue in the context of wine -- wine sold out of vintners in Israel and consumed in the US is marked "Made in Israel" without any discussion of whether the winery is in occupied land, and oftentimes vintners make wine in both occupied land and undisputed Israeli territory.

    Interestingly, many of the vintners themselves are not what one would think of in terms of damn-the-Palestinians, this-is-our-land settlers...

    Although I'm not sure how much that has led to actual collaboration with Palestinians. The US does matter in terms of Israeli wine, as we are their biggest export market.

    I personally have been purposefully drinking a lot more local wine -- a large fraction of the wine I bought this year was made here in the Midwestern US. I however would be hesitant to buy wine from Israel knowing about this issue -- much as I am strongly resistant to buying natural diamonds due to concerns that the blood diamonds cannot be distinguished from those obtained ethically.
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