Israel's airport safest in the world! what we can learn from them.

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    Israel airports have no had any attacks or incidents in many decades

    Israel, which prides itself on airport and airplane security, showed off robots and procedures to keep passengers safe. One method has been condemned in other countries — profiling.

    lets be serious, it works plain and simple.

    your 72 year old grandma visiting her grandkids shouldn't be patted down or made to wait, while the 19 year old boy on a one way ticket and muslim wear passes through.

    Before approaching the ticket counter, passengers are thoroughly questioned by "selectors" who look for travellers who match a suspicious profile.
    "In the U.S., profiling is a bad word," Liss said, but he defended the practice, saying it is done by "intelligent, motivated" university students who served in Israel's military and can identify passengers who could pose a potential risk.
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    Texas, unfortunately.
    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    Sorry, but there comes a point where you just have to live with the risk if you want to fly, Israel is a bad example of how things should be handled.
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    Have you ever flown through TLV?
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    Racial profiling is useless. It wouldn't have caught the shoe bomber or underwear bomber (neither were Arab). But behavioral profiling, which I think is in use at TLV, I'm all for it. A quick 30 second long interview between each passenger and specialists (not trained monkeys like the TSA) can go a long way. Not so much what their answer is, but how they answer it - Someone who is trying to blow up a plane is going to be extremely nervous and that can be picked up on. Stuff like that. There's no reason that an innocent looking little old lady needs to go through the nude-o-scopes and be molested by TSA goona.
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    Americans would never pay for that level of intelligent trained security guard.

    There's no way that TSA could ever implement these policies.
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    the question is whether there's actually a real need for that level of security at our airports........I can understand why Israel needs a higher level of security, but does the USA?
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    You are aware that the 'liberty' that he refers to in the quote, taken from the late 1700s, was in reference to the question of slavery in the US?

    If you look at the orignal historic basis for that quote, it has zero connection to the topic you're applying it to. Therefore, how can you be sure what Franklin's opinion would be this topic?

    I've been to Israel and Palestine, I've flown on El Al. Their security isn't a joke like TSA. I've still got the threat assessment they classified me as on the back of my passport. Their methods work, like it or not.
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    Which makes it all the more important that the parallels are drawn with the quotes modern usage. The USA is fast becoming a nation of serfs and masters and attempting to drag the rest of the western world with it. By all means walk blindfolded into that state yourself if that's what you want, but don't expect others to follow silently.
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    Texas, unfortunately.
    I was not aware of that fact, but out of context it fits the situation.

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