Issue Between Screen Protector & Case!


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Jun 24, 2010
Hey guys, whats going on? I have been having issues since i got my phone a few months ago, but just thought its normal. I use the screen protectors that you buy at the Verizon store. They seem to fit perfect, the problem I am having is when i slide my case on and it starts to bubble/lift up the edges of the protector. I use a nice Incase too, there is a pic of my case at the bottom. Are there screen protectors that are cut a little smaller that i would run into this issue with? any suggestions?



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Mar 1, 2011
The Incase slider is known for being a little difficult with screen protectors. I use SGP screen protectors and they are cut a little smaller than most others. I have used them with other slider cases and they work perfectly. I would order a set of those.

You would want the Ultra Crystal, Ultra Oleophobic, Ultra Optics or the Ultra Fine.


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Aug 13, 2011
You can also go to almost any mall and have the Ghost Armor skin put on. Very thin.