iSync 1.5 corrupt internal DB

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    Nov 14, 2004
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    Been looking to Sync between my aging G3 iBook, .Mac and my new iPod photo. Alas when I select the 'sync now' icon, i get the msgs 'preparing to Sync ... then 'cancel sync' then the application closes. If I look to reset devices i get the msgs 'preparing to sync' followed by 'sync running' then again the application closes.

    I do recall seeing in my last Sync Log something about a "corrupt internal database". Then like a fool I deleted the log :eek:

    tried re-installing iSync and that makes no difference.
    iCal is v1.5.3
    OS X is v10.3.6

    Any ideas how to get iSync back in order?
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    Nov 14, 2004
    Vienna, Austria
    Answer found

    Just to let people know, in the end I found the answer in the Apple Support site discussion forum for iSync. Message below, it worked first time for me:
    Santiago Naranjo, "Contacts in Address Book not Syncing", 07:42am Nov 1, 2004 CDT

    In certain circumstances, no amount of troubleshooting seems to correct an iSync-related issue. If you have found this to be the case, the following information should cover everything that you can do to reset iSync, completely removing all traces of it from your hard drive prior to reinstalling it. These steps will also clear any remnants from failed syncs with your .Mac account or between other devices you may have used.

    You should ensure that all data is correct, current, and up-to-date in your local Mac OS X Address Book, iCal calendars, and Safari bookmarks.

    If you have more than one Macintosh, choose one system to be the "primary" Macintosh to work with for the purposes of these instructions. Once you have completed this process on the primary Macintosh, you should then follow the steps that describe deleting files from your Macintosh, then reinstalling as necessary. However, these "secondary" systems should be set to "Erase data on computer then sync". The intended plan is to reset your primary system; synchronize it with .Mac; erase/reinstall iSync on the secondary systems; then synchronize the secondary systems with (what should then be) the correct data that would then be present on .Mac.

    In iSync:

    If any computers are shown as registered with .Mac in the .Mac pane, unregister them. Do not have any computers registered with .Mac before proceeding.

    In the Finder:

    1 If you had ever installed iSync Beta, download and run iSync Uninstall 1.0 to remove any traces of iSync Beta from your hard drive; otherwise, skip to the next step.

    2 Delete the following files and folders (including their contents) from your hard drive. Note that using iSync Uninstaller 1.0 may have also removed certain components described below; if this occurs, simply skip to the next item in the list:

    - /Applications/iSync
    - /Library/Application Support/SyncService/
    - /Library/Receipts/iSync.pkg
    - /Users/username/Library/Application Support/SyncService/
    - /Users/username/Library/Preferences/
    - /Users/username/Library/Preferences/

    3 If you have used a Palm OS device with iSync and/or have installed one of the iSync Palm Conduit packages, delete the following files:

    - /Library/Application Support/Palm HotSync/Conduits/Apple
    - /Library/Receipts/iSync_Palm.pkg
    - /Users/username/Documents/Palm/Users/username/Conduit Settings/iSync Conduit Settings

    4 Download and install the most recent version of iSync from <>. If you have a Palm device, also download and install the most recent version of the iSync Palm Conduit from the same page.

    Then, in iSync:

    1 Choose Reset All Devices from the Devices menu, then select "This Computer" from the pop-up menu within the Reset All Devices window.

    2 If you have handheld devices (iPod, Palm, mobile phone, etc.) that are used with iSync, add each device as necessary via the Devices menu, then perform a sync between them.

    3 Register your computer with .Mac.

    4 Perform a sync, including .Mac and any handheld devices used with iSync.

    In your web browser:

    1 Login to .Mac Address Book. If you have used .Mac Address Book before, click the "Reset" button when prompted that a Reset All Devices has been done.

    2 If you have not used .Mac Address Book before, and would now like to begin: Click Preferences, then mark the "Turn On .Mac Address Book Synchronization" checkbox. Finally, Save your settings.

    3 Login to .Mac Bookmarks. If you have used .Mac Bookmarks before, click the "Reset" button

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