IT Manager Gets Walked Out By Security

Discussion in 'Community' started by Mr. Anderson, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Ok, this just made me laugh today at the utter and complete stupidity of one of my co-workers at my old office back in DC. I happened to be talking to one of my friends who still works at the office and he had asked me if I had heard the news about the IT Manager, lets call him John Smith. I hadn't so he had to tell me since it was the generally held opinion between most of the non management employees and some of the management that the Mr. Smith was a pain in the ass to work with and had his head up his arse most of the time.

    Just a little background, 2 years ago our company was privately owned and was bought out by a much larger 2nd tier Defense Company. So there were the mandatory ethics training videos and company brainwashing, etc. No one took them seriously since it wasn't really something we had to deal with in a small office, where most people knew everyone else and we all worked well together (key word is most).

    It turns out that the parent company's IT Security found some hackers attempting to gain access to our servers and they did a little digging to see what, if any damage had been done.

    Going through the apache server hosting tables they saw that there were a few extra sites being hosted on the corporate server besides the company website. These were named "" "", etc.

    Initially, the corporate IT security were at a loss as to who John Smith was - but soon they found out it was none other than the IT Manager who had decided to save a few bucks and host his personal and personal consulting websites on the company servers.

    Its mindboggling to think what could have possessed him to do this - surely the few extra dollars a month to host the sites couldn't have been the motivation. I just had to laugh and shake my head at this one.

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    And he was the IT Manager?! Oh dear, not the brightest spark.

    Great story though!
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    And believe it or not, some people ARE stupid enough to think they could get away with something like that... they often look at the systems that they manage as THEIR own private sandbox, where they can do whatever they want as long as it doesn't interfere (noticeably) with normal business operations.
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    Exactly - but the thing is it probably would have gone fine if we hadn't been bought out and he was still in total control of the system - but when we had to go through the assimilation of the parent company it was a no brainer that things were going to be a little different in terms of what you could and couldn't do. Especially since you had to sit through the ethics training.

    D :rolleyes:
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    Bingo. If it's not that kind of thing (e.g. hosting personal web sites on company servers) it is people finding other ways to run side businesses out of their regular work offices. In one of the more bizarre cases, I had an office next door to one of my company's VPs (at a previous job) and he was always selling some little something-or-other out of his office. For a while it was batteries, then flashlights. Our own little flea market stall, right there on the 5th floor. He didn't even try to make any secret of what he was doing.

    After a lot of complaints, the upper management stepped in and put an end to his little side business, but it was always really strange to me that he felt like that was a reasonable thing to do in the first place. :confused:
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    some people just don't get it.... and thus get fired. haha

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