It seems like the new prices would indicate iPhone on other carriers soon...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ImpostorOak, Jun 2, 2010.

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    I know that a lot of people are thinking just the opposite. Some people are really bent out of shape about being capped at 2GB and only paying $5 less. They say that ATT wouldn't change to such a crappy plan without knowing that they have exclusivity. But it seems like the reality is that very few people actually go over that limit. And I think that's looking at it from the wrong point of view.

    ATT got exclusivity to the iPhone. Why? The US is one of the few countries in the world that has an exclusive iPhone carrier. It seems reasonable to assume it's because they agreed to terms that other carriers wouldn't. Yeah, Apple, we'll play the game your way if you give us exclusivity.

    I think the real "tell" here is the iPad. The 3G came out at the end of April and little more than a month later ATT is changing the plans. Lots of people expected the iPad to come out supported by multiple carriers (namely VZW), with the iPhone soon to follow. Instead, ATT once again gets exclusivity with an UNLIMITED data plan for $30. Think about that for a second. I can't imagine using gigabyte upon gigabyte of data on an iPhone every month (without tethering of some sort), but it really doesn't seem that hard on an iPad. It's much better suited for video and video can take up a lot of bandwidth. It would seem (to me, at least) that ATT went along with the pricing, despite the fact that their network is already overloaded, because they assumed they would have some sort of exclusivity, whether in written form or just because they were the only ones to agree to the terms.

    And now to the point: I think that ATT has changed their minds on these plans (with the iPad after little more than a month, which is significant to note) because they know they're losing iPhone exclusivity soon.

    There are plenty of rumors that VZW will get the iPhone this fall or sometime next year. And now there are reports that iPads are being tested on CDMA networks. Apple knows they can make more money by adding more carriers, and all of ATT's network problems aren't helping angry iPhone users. On top of all of this, VZW is going to start rolling out its LTE network this year, which is big. This year. While ATT customers are stuck with EDGE outside of metropolitan areas, VZW will continue to have 3G most places and 4G LTE in the big areas. It's going to be released in 25-30 markets this year and VZW says that will cover around 100 million people.

    At Apple, things are often considered long before they happen. And the rumors start not long after the ideas start being considered. Marklar. The rumors were there for forever and people said it would never happen. Then Steve Jobs said the rumors had been true all along and that every OSX release had an x86 version, too. iPad. Rumors went on and on for years. And now Jobs says they were working on the iPad before they had even started on the iPhone. Apple wants to get things right. They wait until things are just right before making the move. And I think all the pieces are in play for a switch to Verizon soon. Yes, there have been rumors for a long time. No, those rumors have not come true yet. But I think that, based on the evidence, they will soon.

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    Well, it's not obvious to many people as many people disagree.
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    The cell phone companies are lemmings

    The only thing it tells me is that the other providers will soon have similar tiered pricing.
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    Define soon.

    The iPhone will go to another carrier. My guess is it happens in 2011

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