Italian scientists guilty of manslaughter

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    I guess I thought this would just go away. Recall the seismologists who were accused of not predicting the L'Aquila earthquake? Convicted!
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    That's I don't even know how to get into that mindset.
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    having a drink at Milliways
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    From my italian friend.
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    Explains a lot, MorphingDragon, thank your friend for us.
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    Actually the title is not correct: they were convicted because one guy who was studying the radium relation with the earthquakes said that a big one was coming, tho these experts didn't want to listen to him and went to a fake meeting (it actually last only 5mins) where they were supposed to talk about keeping the population safe. Anyway they didn't and agreed to repeat what Bertolaso (The Chief of Civilian Protection, NOT a scientist) said: that there was no big trouble and that it was better to have 1000 little earthquakes because that meant that there was no opportunity for the big one to come.

    Later Bertolaso's call were recorded and there are proofs that all the meeting was just a media tic event, and nobody did anything to actually discuss if people were safe. Result: 309 people died.
    So, they were convicted not because they didn't predict the earthquake, but because they didn't give a **** about it, even if THAT was their job.

    Now that makes a lot more sense.:cool:
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    This previous story differs somewhat from the narrative from your Italian friend:

    So, by this account, the commission met "for about an hour", said something like "we already told you the risk was high, but, the tremors and gas emissions don't change the fact that we can't tell you if a major quake might hit right now, or, any random time in the next 60 years", and, left. They were speaking like seismologists. I guess they should have had a social psychologist in the group who could assess better how people will react to various outcomes. The mayor reacted differently, like a physician who orders extra tests to cover himself.

    But, I still don't see how the seismologists can be guilty of manslaughter. If the seismologists were prophets in a primitive society, it would be different -- then it would have been part of the job they signed up for, and, they would have to be stoned to death.
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    Six years of prison for not predicting an earthquake!

    I missed that this was posted already here. Thanks to the mods for moving it.

    But I agree, this is crazy.:eek:
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    Funny how one of the committee was comparing himself to Galileo, yet unlike Galileo he was wrong about the outcome.

    These guys seemed to be reassuring the locals that everything would be fine, which they could do by being dismissive of evidence to the contrary.

    I don't think they were jailed for not predicting an earthquake. There will have been a duty of care established at some point and the judge will have found them in breach of it based on something they did or didn't do at this meeting. Maybe they were reckless or acting unreasonably.
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    OMG, now the Litigious States of America has something new to shoot for.

    Remember, the USGS, as a government agency, has a much shorter Statute of Limitations for the filing of lawsuits.


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