iTeam® for iPad - a powerful tool for coaches and trainers

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    iTeam for iPad
    the most powerful tool for coaches and trainers

    ★ iTeam is the most powerful tool for coaches, trainers or fans of 17 sports
    ★ Comes with 20 boards, TV output, autosave and 66 formation presets.
    ★ Cannot find your sport on our list? Drop us a note and we will be glad to add it to the next version!



    Football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, volleyball, handball, tennis, ice hockey, curling, lacrosse box, lacrosse field, polo, rugby league, rugby union, shuffleboard, water polo and 3 plain color backgrounds!


    Are you a coach or a trainer and are you still using a wood board, pens and magnets? Forget it. Be the envy of your team. As one coach told us, all his team now pays attention to the explanations he gives with iTeam on his iPad (iPhone version also available).

    You can also plug your device to a TV or projector and use iTeam to deliver your lectures or create your own video content. Simply amazing!

    Want to email diagrams in pictures or PDF? No problem! iTeam is for you!

    iTeam autosaves your work every 60 seconds, so you never lose anything!

    This is a must for any serious professional.


    ★ The TV OUTPUT is perfect for lectures, creating videos or DVDs

    If you are not a coach but love sports this is also a fun application, as you can use it to explain your favorite team's plays to your friends and feel like a real coach.


    ► 20 BOARDS: soccer, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, volleyball, ice hockey, curling, handball, lacrosse box, lacrosse field, polo, rugby league, rugby union, shuffleboard, tennis, water polo and 3 plain color backgrounds;

    ► Objects that can be added to diagrams:
    ┈ FIVE different kinds of players (circle, triangle, "X", "O" and "dummy");
    ┈ numbers, cones, texts with shadow and glow with variable size and
    ┈ multiple balls for each of the boards;
    ┈ FOUR kinds of lines: solid rough, dashed rough, solid smooth and dashed smooth;

    ► 66 team formation presets:
    ┈ SOCCER FORMATIONS ◻ 3-4-2-1 ⩶ 3-4-3 ⩶ 3-6-1 ⩶ 4-3-1-2 ⩶ 4-3-3 ⩶ 4-4-2 ⩶ 4-5-1 ⩶ 5-2-2-1 ⩶ 5-3-2
    ┈ FOOTBALL OFFENSIVE FORMATIONS ◻ 3-4 ⩶ 4-3 ⩶ 5-2 ⩶ 46 "fourty six" ⩶ Dime Formation ⩶ Goal Line Defense ⩶ Half-Dollar Formation ⩶ Nickel Formation ⩶ Quarter-Dollar Formation
    ┈ FOOTBALL DEFENSIVE FORMATIONS ◻ Ace "Single Back" ⩶ Empty Backfield ⩶ Flexbone ⩶ I-Formation ⩶ Pistol ⩶ Pro Set "split backs" ⩶ Shotgun ⩶ Single Wing ⩶ T-Formation ⩶ Veer Formation ⩶ Wildcat ⩶ Wing T ⩶ Wishbone
    ┈ BASKETBALL FORMATIONS ◻ 1-3-1 ⩶ 1-3-1 Baseline 3 ⩶ 1-4 ⩶ 3on3 Scissors ⩶ Backdoor ⩶ Flex ⩶ Man Offense ⩶ Motion Offense ⩶ Shuffle Offense ⩶ Triangle Offense ⩶ Zone Offense
    ┈ HOCKEY FORMATIONS ◻ Australian 2-3-5 ⩶ 3-4-3 ⩶ 3-5-2 ⩶ 3-6-1 ⩶ 4-3-3 ⩶ 4-4-2 ⩶ 4-5-1 ⩶ 5-3-2 ⩶ 5-4-1
    ┈ VOLLEYBALL FORMATIONS ◻ 3 Player ⩶ 4-2 ⩶ 5-1 ⩶ 6-1 ⩶ U Formation ⩶ U Semi-Moon Formation ⩶ W Formation ⩶ W Down ⩶ W Left Slant ⩶ W Right Slant ⩶ W Shallow ⩶ W Shift Left ⩶ W Shift Right ⩶ W Split
    ┈ BASEBALL FORMATION ◻ standard

    ► UNLIMITED COLORS for lines, players and text;
    ► MAIL PDF or HIGH RESOLUTION diagrams to colleagues or friends with full screen email;
    ► LOAD and SAVE your diagrams and search them by name;
    ► A name can be assigned to every player;
    ► 3 additional PLAIN COLOR BACKGROUNDS for generic drawings;
    ► ERASER and UNDO;
    ► iTeam AUTOSAVES your work automatically every 60 seconds;
    ► 3D MODE shows your diagrams in 3D with full control over perspective, rotation and scale;
    ► ZOOM INDICATOR - A new eye-catching indicator shows your zoom level;

    Compatible with iPad. iPhone version available soon.

    You can get the app here

    I have posted several promo codes on the proper section of this code. Please hurry!!!

    Please don't forget to review!
    Is it asking too much? :rolleyes:
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    Thanks for all you guys downloading and buying this app. Today is the first official day of this app on the store and it is already on the
    USA TOP 8 Grossing iPad Sports Apps

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    I have posted more promo codes for iTeam on this forum... check it out on the proper secion... hurry...........

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