It's not looking good for Florida re The Oil Spill

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    A couple of days ago there were reports of tar balls off Key some reports from the Middle Keys with oil slicks and tar balls and dead fish:

    ***warning for any people who get offended by dead's from a spearfishing site!

    I'm sure glad the national media is keeping us distracted with news from Iran...and more sad stories from that the true extent of this environmental disaster is ignored...


    Also more of the Gulf's fisheries are closed...

    NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco told reporters by teleconference today that the area closed to fishing will total 45,728 square miles and represents 19 percent of the entire Gulf of Mexico federal waters. Currently, about 10 percent of the gulf is closed to fishing.


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    Maybe you're listening to the wrong media? There's been coverage on a daily basis on NPR's morning news shows (and their evening news shows) since this beginning of the disaster.

    Please remember forum rules, as well. If you want to talk politics, that's fine, but you are expected to post your political commentaries in the PRSI and not other forums.

    EDIT: Also, in the news this afternoon, out of interest...

    But this is not to say that oil from the spill could not subsequently reach Florida.... I do hope this latest plan for spill management works.

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