It's Nov/2011 and the iPad 2 is still affected by the yellow curse!

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  1. idevicefan macrumors newbie

    Nov 10, 2011
    Wow, I feel like giving up:(This whole iPad 2 experience has been just horrible .... Purchased my first iPad 2 att 64gb white from target on 10/23/11 and it came with the light leak, and yellow tint and darker yellow strips along the edges while viewing a page with a white background. Exchanged it on 11/6/11 for a new one hoping for the best, but unfortunately it had the dreaded light leak and yellow tint but no yellow streaks...At this point I was loosing faith... Went back to target and exchanged* it for a third unit(11/7/11). light leakage was the worst out the three! It started above the home button and reached almost half way into the screen! Apple is losing my confidence and it truly saddens me because I love their products. On 11/8/11 I went into my local apple store trying to find a resolution to my iPad 2 woes. Tech was curtious and agreed that my iPad 2 was indeed defective and suggested a replacement or to return the ipad2 to target for a refund. I couldnt get a refund at target because the purchase was made with a gift card, So I reluctantly opted to have my iPad 2 swapped . He brought me a brown box replacement. I have two reasons why opted to swap it: first would be because I would be getting a different batch( hoping it would be a good one)and secondly he assured me that my replacement would be 100% brand new(no refurb).He also mentioned apple puts aside replacements specifically my situation or defects.What do you guys think? Was he being honest? I truly hope so because the iPad I swapped was brand new and was only a night in my possession.
    When I got home I realized it came with no sim card installed! Errr!! is this normal for a brown box replacement? And as for the fourth one it to has the light leakage,yellow tint and yellows strips along the edges!* This whole experience has left a really bad taste in my mouth... All I want is to be happy with my iPad 2. I paid a lot money of my hard earned cash on it and I deserve to be happy with my purchase.
    One other thing to note the display models at my store(glendale galleria in glendale,ca) all have the most beautiful picture quality. I arrived about 10 min early, so I took the time to compare my unit to the display models and the difference was night and day! Store models had the most beautiful colors ,contrast and clarity. Even the the apple tech agreed with my observations. My unit looked dull,washed out, yellow and dirty in comparison.
    I don't believe in the whole glue curing time or it will fade with time. As I mentioned above the first unit had the yellow list of defects and I gave it two weeks hoping it would all go away but nothing changed.* The Apple tech clearly stated to me that the light leaks are caused when the LCD panels under the* glass start to break or crack.
    Will be going back I'm the next couple of days* for #5 wish me luck!
  2. Richard200sx macrumors newbie

    Jun 15, 2011
    Take it out in the shop and check it over thoroughly if you keep having problems. Just keep asking for another one until you get a decent one. I don't understand why you keep taking them home without testing them first...?
  3. mtenuta macrumors member

    Nov 8, 2011
    I agree. I switched my ipad because of this problem and still got the light bleed. Unfortunately it is impossible to test it at the store because it is too bright to see.

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