It's obvious at this point that a number of the 2015 MacBook Pro's (15") have the same video issues

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by kevinkyoo, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Feb 5, 2016
    So I have had to bring in my 15" MacBook Pro from 2015 (Top specs) 4 times so far since I received it last November. It's crazy. The computer will freeze and halt, or it will allow me to move my mouse but not have any clicks register. I have 2 other friends with the exact builds, and they've experienced it a couple of times as well.

    Every time it's been sent to the depot, I get a report saying that they reported that the logic board was faulty every single time. I had the same issues with the 2012 model for 6 times before they decided to replace it. It's insane, but I'm pretty sure Apple will issue a repair extension program for the 2015 models (Not sure for the 2014 models since I don't own one, but if it persists in 2015, why not in 2014).

    When I brought in my computer in the Apple Store yesterday, the representative at the genius bar commented how he had the exact same model, and how he had the exact same problems. It's ridiculous how ****** Apple treats not only the "pro" market, but those who want higher end computers in general. It's obvious at this point that they want to push forward with the iPads and MacBooks, while slowly cutting away the "pro" market that made Apple in the first place.

    If you guys have this model (I'm not sure if the one with integrated graphics only is affected), I would be wary of these problems potentially on your devices. I installed OS X from ground up 4 separate times on this computer, 6 on my 2012 retina MacBook Pro. Each came with the result of it being a hardware issue, and not a software issue. Get your **** together, Apple.
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    The two things I always would try is:
    - Disable the graphics switching and always use the dedicated GPU.
    - Look for software that installed additional kernel extensions.

    I had a problem using a screen capture tool and also driver issues
    related to graphic switching.

    Unfortunately my MacBook is broken beyond repair due to a cup of tea.
    The batteries, logicboard trackpad and keyboard would need to be replaced.
    So, currently, I cannot tell if MBR have an intrinsic hardware issue.
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    Feb 5, 2016
    Sorry, but I don't think using the dedicated GPU would help. Actually, one of the reasons why my MBP was sent out yesterday to the depot was the fact that it constantly used the dedicated GPU on small tasks, like browsing the web. It makes both the computer much more hotter and louder, but I'm pretty sure it uses much more battery than it needs to.
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    If you look at the history of the MacBook Pro with dGPU, this should not come as any surprise, as Apple`s track record is tragic at best. Apple will only issue a warranty extension if they feel either the negative press is hurting them (unlikely) or Apple is advised it will loose in a court of law.

    Apple is now seeking the "mid-ground " targeting the average user, not the professional market which realistically they dropped out of several years ago. Personally I would not be surprised if the next generation or MacBook Pro is integrated graphics only, as outside of the gaming community the average user has little need for a high power discrete GPU. This intern reduces Apple`s production cost, improve margins and will increase reliability. As in reality Apple has rarely got the mix of the MacBook and dGPU right.

    Personally If I require another portable with dGPU Apple will be one of the last on the list, as there is at least a 50/50 chance it will fail prematurely. A quick search on the web will reveal multiple warranty extensions for the MacBook Pro with dGPU since it`s inception in 2006, and as much as I prefer the OS X environment, I need reliability, not failure due to form over function...

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    Dec 13, 2004
    Choosing when to use the dGPU is a software issue...
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    Feb 20, 2009
    My observation only.

    It seems that with each generation of MacBooks, it's usually the "high end" or "fully-spec'ed out" models that have problems.

    The "base" models down towards the bottom -- just keep running.

    So it's been with my 2010 MacBook Pro 13".
    Like the lowly Timex watch, it keeps on tickin'...

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