It's still whites vs. blacks in the south

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by joepunk, Aug 1, 2007.

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    a profane existence

    Six black students in Jena, Louisiana charged with attempted second degree murder for an assault on a white student; the white student was so little injured that he went to a “social event” that same evening.

    There was also three nooses hung from a ‘whites only’ shade tree to warn black students away from sitting there that the school district dismissed as a prank?

    what the frak is wrong with the USA?, seriously?
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    Jul 18, 2002
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    That's 60 miles south of where I live. That article was written with a heavy slant, unless Jena is a blackhole of pure racism different from that anywhere else in this region. I haven't heard of that incident specifically, but I do periodically hear stories of isolated racism back and forth. Never do I hear about such one-sided racism, though. I grew up in a small town similar to Jena where the older people had some narrow minded views on race, but the students got along fine with each other, certainly without nooses hanging in trees and etc.


    Then I googled the topic some more and found a forum discussing it already

    Found this guy's response which made me roll my eyes at the level of condoning that people are also giving... "No racism. Just criminals facing justice. Hope they all get the chair. Bunch of degenerates." -Gunslinger, Universal City, TX

    Maybe Jena *is* that blackhole and it's letting the closet racists come out and play across America
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    I live in northern Canada and theres a lot of racism here,not so many violent things like that,but most whites here dislike other races.I think it doesn't seem as bad because the people here are a lot less open about it.Like they will be very nice and polite to a black person,but when he leaves they tell call him an nword.

    I was born here in Northern Ontario Canada,and I went to university in Florida and lived there during.So I have actually seen both sides.It seemed to me in Florida the people who were racist were very open about it and everyone knows.Where as here people that are racist hide it,and it seems that there isn't as big of a problem.
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    I've witnessed very little racism in my life time, but the most racially charged situation I've been in was near Huntsville, Alabama, but this is probably not the time or place to talk about that. I had thought it was getting better with the younger generations, but it does take a long time to forget. I understand the need to never forget our past (because if it is forgotten it will probably be repeated), but sometimes I wish certain events in history could be "forgotten".
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    Yup. The paradox is pretending it doesn't have a long way to go both causes and smooths over problems. For instance, I generally prefer to ignore these issues. Other people in other areas don't have that luxury. In any case, part of me hopes this thread up and dies quickly, so I don't have to read any ugliness that likely is lurking beneath the surface of thoughts by users in this very forum. (and various others around the net) Blissful ignorance I guess.

    ~ CB
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    I can't for the life of me figure out how totally stupid someone has to be to think that they are superior merely by the color of their skin. In Florida, the north is more 'southern' than the south... so I don't see it much down where I live. Some people need to be on forced birth control.:cool:
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    I have seen quite a bit of this from both sides and I really feel that there is so much more to it than the color of people's skin. I see it as more of a cultural difference that creates the problems. The white and black cultures of the south are completely opposite from each other and neither side truly understands the other. This creates feelings of superiority on both sides which leads to racism and even hatred.
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    Agreed. Still, though... I have never met a single human being that I automatically disliked, until getting to know them personally. I believe that ignorance and fear are the real culprits. I've been treated better in the hood than in exclusive white communities on average. My very first best friend in the first grade was named Gary, and he was black. I was sad when he didn't return to the same school for second grade. Do you think his parents made him move schools because he was playing with me? >seventies era< ;) I guess anything's possible. I almost am prejudiced against some of my own race and culture! It's almost funny, because I look like the true 'arian youth' of Hitler's dreams.:rolleyes:
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    Funny. I've spent more years in the south than elsewhere, but the first time I ever saw overt racism was in Detroit in 1962, when I was 28. Startling, to say the least.

    I saw some in Florida in the late 1950s and early 1960s, but it was generally subdued. I'm talking public behavior, now, not the Jim Crow laws or personal attitudes.

    My wife's home is in Thomas County, Georgia. I've been back and forth there since 1989. It's pretty much an easy give and take. I'd guess that there are a few whites whom you could call candidates for the KKK, but an equal number of blacks who would buy into the Black Panther rhetoric. By and large, folks hold doors for one another and say, "Please," and, "Thanks," without regard for color.

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    I understand if you don't want to discuss it here, but could you maybe PM me about it? I've lived in the Huntsville area since 1993 and can't call to mind the situation that you're talking about -- and I'm assuming it would have been newsworthy given your description. On the contrary, Huntsville is probably about as racially diverse a city as you're going to find in Alabama (primarily due to the large number of engineers here).

    Now, if by "near Huntsville" you mean, some neighboring counties, I have the feeling I know where you're talking about. (Not a specific incident, but more the mindset, if you will).

    P.S. I know that some others have already pointed this out, but racism continues to be a problem throughout the United States, not just in the south. One of the most (if not the most) racially charged situations in my lifetime was the rioting that occurred in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict in 1992.
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    It's not just the south. i see it everywhere. some of it is white, but a lot of it is black people who keep bringing up racial divides. i mean, they still have black only organizations. how will we ever get over black v white if the blacks still rally together to fight issues. like the duke lacrosse case... it was all about race brought on by the black people. they made it about race. the black panthers, jesse jackson.

    look at the democratic debate on youtube. they aired a question about repartations for slavery .. asked by a black man. people simply wont let it go. yes, we had slavery and it was bad. what else can we do? send them all back to africa? would that solve everything? they still want payback.

    on MLK day here in charleston, sc .. black people lead white people through the streets in chains and whip them to represent what we did to them. some people just wont let it go, and it's frustrating. it isn't all the white man's fault in these cases. many times it is, but you cant take this isolated event and say "look, there's a white guy wrongly accusing a black guy."

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