iTunes 7 Improvements - What You Think? (photos included)


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Jul 26, 2006
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Sorry for large post, if there's a problem, let me know.

Everyone is raving about the new iTunes 7 - but there are still a few things I'd like to see added to make it even better. Maybe I'm just being picky, but I hope Apple can take some of these suggestions of board.

Main Library – Cover Flow View

When you’re playing a song in your main library, say: “Call Me When Your Sober – Evanescence” and you want to skip onto the next song, in the old version you would press the right directional key (end on PowerBook – unsure if that’s with all keyboards) and the next song will play.
This is annoying in iTunes 7, as it just skips to the next CD Artwork.
And to skip to the next, you press Apple and Right Directional Key – this I can get use to, but it’s the fact that the Blue Highlight stays on the first song played in the library – this should be changed so it moved onto the next song.
(hope that wasn’t confusing, but that was me being really nitpicky)

Now onto the enhancements…
Apologies for the not-so-good representations of what I’m talking about (made them with preview and Microsoft word)

I’ve got to say I love the idea of the Cover Flow View – more so in TV Shows and Movie than in the music library.

One thing that always bugged me in the past was that the TV Shows I downloaded were all meshed into one folder. Obviously someone was listening, and created separate Libraries and the chance to sort the shows in groups (by album view? The middle of the three view choices)… but somehow I was expecting some more organised than that.

We all know what shows we’ve downloaded, so why give us the list when viewed in Cover Flow? It’s still all meshed together, every show listed.

So what I’d like to see is the list removed and an information bar there instead. And to Access the x amount of episodes you simple double click the cover and you are taken “into” the TV Show. JUST THOUGHT OF THIS PART: Where there could be other options, like (listing of top of head): Links to official websites, trailers, photo gallery.

PHOTOS to show what i mean:
What is is the now...

What it could be like... iBAR

There was a third photo but it won't upload for some reason. It just depicted what the "standard Album View is".

Doing this will save categorising all the shows into Playlists and bulking up the source lists.
Allowing TV Shows to be “filed” into their shows in a new "window" and not playlist folder - AGAIN, Hope it's not confusing.

Again, this is very very similar to the improvements i've mention above.
Again, we know what movies we donwload, and we can see the posters. So that's all we need. The Posters - it gives us the title - what more do we need on the main page.
Suggestion, get rid of the information, most people ignore it anyway and click the movie to begin. What goes in place of this. Movie Synopsis or something similar. This way, not all the movie information is listed and to see a specific movie info you click on the poster. To Play the movie, double click poster (like you do already, but should automatically launch in Full Screen), and if they want the "Time, Artist, Genre, Date Added" there could be a "more information bubble. Hover curser over and it appears in a cool "Film reel'.



Anyway, these are just my thoughts and opinions, other than what i'd like to see the application is fantastic.

Anybody got any more enhancements or ideas that they'd like to see if future updates for iTune? I'd like to know.


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Feb 10, 2003
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No offense, but it just seems like advertising to me. I mean if we wanted to see the information about each show, or movie, i would just go to the iTunes Store and search for that specific one.

I don't mean to rain on you parade, or anything. I like the idea, but i would prefer it if you could turn this feature on, or off, then i might use it.

But, it is still a great idea. Cheers.


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May 13, 2005
I definately think you should be able to drag the divider all the way to the bottom in order to hide the track listings (as an option).

This would work in much the same way as, where you can choose to show each email in the main view or not.