iTunes: Can you make a parent-child account and give them a fixed budget?


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One of my buddies in the UK has a younger brother in Zimbabwe who would like an iTunes account for his new iPad, but he can't get one out there. He's therefore asked my friend to set up an account for him over here.

Naturally my friend's a bit dubious about giving his younger brother unlimited access to app downloads from an account linked to his debit card.

Could we make an account for his brother linked to my friend's card, that has a fixed limited - eg. £15 a month to spend on apps?

Any other ideas for getting his bro' an iTunes account in Zimbabwe without my friend having the risk of massive app purchases would be appreciated!



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Jul 23, 2002
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Cheers Robbie, that's exactly what we were looking for! You think his brother can set up an iTunes account in Zimbabwe without a card to receive payments?

I think you may need to enter a card for account creation, but you can definitely go back in and delete the debit or credit card you used. There are some people who only use gift cards and some who go and enter a credit card, make a purchase and then remove the credit card info again.