iTunes having issues with a couple of CDs

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by Zim Bargo, Jan 22, 2004.

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    Jan 21, 2004
    Just got the PB a couple of days ago, so still learning the ropes. I was ripping some CDs last night and iTunes was unable to read some of the tracks on a couple of them - maybe they were scratched, I don't know. Not a problem, but iTunes just wouldn't stop trying and nothing I could do would make it stop - eject, esc etc wouldn't work. Anyone know how to make it stop trying without waiting for it to give up on its own??

    Also, minor query - I've set up the screensaver, but after screen has gone to sleep the image only appears again for a split second when you wake it up. Anything else I need to enable?do etc
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    If it can't read the CD then you can try and force quit iTunes as a last resort by hold down the following keys:

    command(apple key)+option+esc and you will get a force quit box similar to the task manager in Windows. There you can select which apps you want to force quit and they should quit.

    I would also check out the CD your trying to rip. See if its scratched, or if there is dust on it. Try using the CD in a different CD player if available. If you have another computer handy I would try ripping it on that computer and see if it works.

    If its just a couple of CDs and others work just fine then it must be the CDs.
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    Re: iTunes having issues with a couple of CDs

    If I undersand what you're saying, it sounds like the sleep time on your computer (either for just the screen, or for the whole computer) is set to a smaller or equal number to the screensaver time. Hence the only time you see your screensaver is when you first wake the computer up, for a split second before the screensaver disappears.

    If you look under the "Desktop & Screen Saver" System Preference, you'll see a bar where you can set the time there. If you look under the "Energy Saver" preference, you'll see different times for putting the computer to sleep, and just putting the screen to sleep.

    Since the sleep time on laptops is usually quite short, that time may be shorter than the screen saver time. Change them to be the other way around if you want to see your screen saver. Note that that'll waste power, though--turning the screen off, or better yet sleeping the whole computer, will use much less power, especially if you're on batteries.

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