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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Soc7777777, May 29, 2004.

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    Apr 12, 2004
    i was just wondering, and im playing the devils advocate here... what would happen if scienctist proved that the human brain remembered stuff in a very similar way that music files are on a computer.. (aka like all 1s and 0s that all together mean something) as you can tell i dont know details on any of this... but im just making an interesting statement without giving my opinioin... but if scientists proved that memory was essentially the same as a saved file on a computer... then would it stilll be illegal to download music? ANd if it were illegal to download... would it be illeagal to remember.. or even humm (i know this would be imposible to prove/stupid idea, but just a thought)... also.. could a model patent their looks and make all pictures of them (including in public) illegal to distribute? if somone can patent a summatoin of different instraments and their timing, can someone patent a type or method of though... can pele patent a soccer move?

    haha yeah i just wanted to start a debate over the legality of downloading on the internet... but my REAL question (looking past that worthless ramble) is, how does the RRIA prove who downlaoded the music on the computer... i mean how do they prove that ONE person was the one who clicked on the 'download' button... do they automatically prosicute the person whose computer it is... how do they know that you didnt download while visiting canada (its legal there)? i just find it hard to believe that the kids on the itunes commercial could be charged with downloading music when they dont even own the computer... i wonder if anyone will plead temporary insanity... haha

    wow this is the most worthless post in the history of posts... i feel bad for posting this ramble
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    Apr 12, 2004
    my theory/ opinion... downloading music is illegal... except when downloading live versions... i think that music that is played in public domain.. becomes public domain... also usually the live versions are of a poorer quality that then cd versions.. i think this is a fair balance between the theifs who think that downloading music is ok and the people who believe that artists deserve total control over their work...

    if an artist doesnt want his music to be shared and traded... then dont play in public where anyone can hear...

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