iTunes library to second external drive&Ibook? Need help

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by hempsci, Aug 17, 2003.

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    Aug 17, 2003
    I have my 13,000 iTunes library on an external LaCie 400Gig firewire hardrive that I use with my G4 desktop, but I also have a iBook portable with an extra 80Gig Lacie pocket drive and I would like to use the library on the portable also when I travel, what do I do? I thought of two answers, First to just copy the library from the 400Gig firewire harddrive to the 80 Gig pocket drive? Or do I need to dump the 13,000 songs into iTunes in my iBook first changing the location of the iTunes library folder to the 80Gig pocket drive? If I have to do the latter my iBook only has one firewire port so I am lost. CAN ANYONE HELP ME? THANKS!!
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    you should be able to just copy them over from drive to drive, and then tell the itunes on your laptop that it's on the firewire drive. i don't see any problems with this method.
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    Aug 17, 2003
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    advice? well let me tell you how I have mine setup and you can tell me if it helped you.

    I have the following hardware:

    15" FP iMac 700mhz
    12" 900mhz iBook
    15 GB 3G iPod
    60 GB AcomData Firewire 400 HD.

    I made the following assumptions...
    1. I only would want to play my iTunes on my iBook when I am home connected to my network other wise I'd use my iPod at work or on the road.
    2. I wanted to have identical iTunes libraries on my iBook and iMac.

    That being said here is my setup/procedure.

    I have the FW HD attached to the iMac via the FW Port. I then have my Mac attached to my "network" a Linksys combo WAP/Cable Router.

    My music is in a folder called /myusername/Music/iTunes.

    In iTunes on BOTH the iMac and iBook I have my iTunes Music folder (in the iTunes Preferences) set to Firewire HD:myusername:Music:iTunes.

    I then do ALL My adding, cataloging, rating and playlists on my iMac and have my DOCK hooked to the iMac and i always sync with the iMac (keeps my iPod from telling me it's associated with other libraries.)

    Once I make all my changes, I copy the iTunes library files (located at: iMacHD:myusername:Music:iTunes) you need to copy the files but not the folder located in that iTunes folder. This is your library (an couple of xml files) and if you do this then when you start your iBook you will see the same library that you see on the iMac.

    You will need to map the FirewireHD when you want to listen to your music from the iBook...

    Did this help at all? I hope so !


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