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  1. CRD90, May 27, 2012
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    Hi guys,

    I've been trying for ages to get a solution for this bug I have. I'm hoping it's well known and my Google skills are just letting me down.

    Basically, I can't download any of my uploaded songs on iTunes match from my iPhone or iPad. The songs show, and when I press the download button, it works as normal, but when the circle progress gets to about 80% it gets stuck.

    All the tracks play fine from my iTunes and Apple TV. Occasionally if it gets to an uploaded song in a playlist it will stream the whole song (but never download it), other times it will just stop playing once it get to those songs.

    The solution I'm using just now to get past it is to turn off Match on my iPhone, manually transfer the uploaded song over, then turn match back on. That whole process defeats the whole purpose of Match though, so I'm hoping somebody has a solution!

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    i would try to delete it from iCloud and then re upload it!
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    Sep 12, 2008
    Sorry for the bump, but after having this issue for months I finally got a solution! Hopefully this will help anyone else with this problem by showing up in a search engine!

    If you go into the iTunes app and go to downloads, you'll probably notice a couple of songs that have a failure message. If you retry, it will just always fail, and when you swipe to delete it, the option doesn't appear. It's these songs that are causing the issue.

    To resolve this, first close all running apps and those in the background.

    What I did was download a program called iExplorer to see the directory of my iPhone. You'll find a folder called Downloads in the media part of the sidebar. Open this up and just delete all the files that are there.

    And that was it!

    I've managed to download all uploaded songs ever since! I even managed to download those songs that were stuck in the iTunes download app!

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