iTunes Match endless cellular download glitch. Apple unwilling to help/compensate me.

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by pgiguere1, Oct 31, 2012.

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    I recently bought an iPhone 5 and activated iTunes match on it. As I have a small data cap (500MB), I turned off iTunes match over cellular.

    I noticed that the spinning wheel indicating that my iPhone is downloading is always there when I open the Music app on LTE, whether I am playing music or not. My iPhone gets hot in my pocket and drains battery super fast, which led me to believe it was constantly downloading. Looking at my data usage confirmed what I thought: I already used 8GB of data, while I usually never go over 500MB.

    I tried looking online for people with the same problem, but all I found was people who started downloading songs manually while on Wi-Fi and it would keep downloading over data. That's not my problem. I don't have any song in my download queue. None of my tracks have that circular progress bar with a stop sign next to them. iTunes match is simply downloading hundreds of tracks while I'm on cellular data even though the Music app is not playing anything and I didn't ask to download anything.

    What's weird is that that only occurs over 3G/LTE. If I enter a Wi-Fi network, I will get a popup saying "[Track name] could not be downloaded", and the spinning wheel indicating there's a download in the Music app will be gone. However, if I get on 3G/LTE again, the downloading will restart.

    I tried turning off iTunes match completely and even logging out of my Apple ID everywhere I could, but the Music app will keep downloading tracks indefinitely for no reason. I tried killing the Music app process in the multitasking taskbar and rebooting my iPhone, but that didn't help either.

    Since that problem started to happen, I also noticed that I couldn't download or update any App either. They all get stuck on "Waiting…". There's clearly something wrong with my iPhone.

    I already expect the fix for this problem to be the usual "Restore your iPhone as a new device". That will probably fix that bug since it's software-related for sure.

    My problem is more with the cellular data overage fees. Even if I could fix the problem right now I'd still be left with around $50 of overage fees because of that iTunes match bug. As I did nothing for this glitch to happen, I obviously don't want to pay those fees. Just out of principle, that would be totally wrong.

    I emailed Apple's iTunes customer support about this problem and even after lots of emails exchanged, Apple are not willing to refund me those overage charges, even though they admit this is a software glitch that should not have happened. They say that since they're not the ones charging me for data, they can't refund the overage fees or compensate with anything.

    What would you guys suggest to get my money back? Is there any other Apple email address I could contact that could be more likely to compensate me? Do you think my carrier could help (even though it's not their fault) ? An email to Tim Cook/Phil Schiller? Anywhere where I could complain? I'm really frustrated at Apple's poor customer service right now and if I had the time, money and experience I swear I'd sue them. However I'm looking at a more simple and realistic way to get my money back.

    Any advice? Thanks.
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    I'd take the phone to a Genius, demonstrate the issue, and then have them fix it (I assume like you it will be a restore as new). I'd have them document it and then take that information to your carrier and attempt to get the charges reversed. To be honest I don't think you're going to have much luck but you may catch someone on a good day. Good luck!
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    Have you talked to your carrier at all? They are the ones charging you and I've heard of people getting out of extra fees for much less than this.
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    Have Apple fix the glitch and just explain nicely to your carrier what has happened. They should credit your account. I had my apps all download on LTE after my wifi just shut off during my initial install and I called ATT and told them I wanted the 1gb of data back, and they said they can't do anything until the bill hits. They gave me 50.00 credit just for calling them up and I stayed well under my 5gb/unlimited limit that month with the initial download. The carriers are not completely evil and are always quick to offer bill credits.

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