iTunes Match reverts my compilation edits, so album doesn't show in Artists view

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    I'm having a little problem here, and I'm sure there's a workaround but I can't figure it out. I ripped the CD ''Heligoland'' by Massive Attack to my iTunes library and matched it to iCloud, but when I go to stream it from my iPhone's Music app Massive Attack doesn't show up in the Artists view, not under M or any other title; the album only appears in the Albums view. I figured out this is likely because the album is tagged in iTunes as a compilation and is the only album listed under the Compilations category in the Music app, and so I want to fix that.

    However, when I open iTunes and right click the album, click Get Info, Options and uncheck the ''part of a compilation'' box, click OK and then update iTunes Match, the changes don't save. The compilation box rechecks itself as soon as iTunes Match updates. I uncheck it, it does it again. Deleting and ripping the album again does nothing. Why is it reverting my changes and how do I stop it?

    Gracenote does initially tag the CD as a compilation when its first ripped because there's a different guest singer on each track, so the artist on each track is tagged as ''Massive Attack featuring (guest name)''. I changed that so the artist is just Massive Attack, but its still overriding my changes whenever I uncheck it as a compilation. WTF?

    If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate your help immensely. Thanks!
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    What firmware are you on? I was having the same exact problem on 5.0 then I updated to 5.0.1 and went and unchecked all my compilations again and this time it worked. They are still listed under compilations on my iPhone but I don't care cause it also shows the artists under artists view which is what I wanted.
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