iTunes Match... updates to Album art after initial match...

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    Will iTunes upload any new album art that I manually change...

    Let say I had album art on a particular album... then I subscribed to iTunes Match. Then at a later date I change the album art of an album to something else... (let's say I found better artwork)... does the new artwork get uploaded automatically? Is there something I need to do? When will it be reflected on my other devices?
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    Well as of now (including iOS 5.1 and iTunes 10.6) if you update your artwork it will stay locally but not update through all other devices. This is super frustrating as I have been dealing with this for a while. I have HUNDREDS of albums that I updated to high-res artwork and none of them are updating on my iPad/iPhone/MacBook Air. I hope they get this fixed SOON.

    I also have issues with playlists not updating and not talking about genius/smart playlists either. Very frustrating.

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