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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by maclook, Oct 16, 2012.

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    I have a 2009 Honda Civic. It interfaces with an iPod/iPhone with a USB cable, as the picture shows. When the iPhone is plugged in, the music app displays an "accessory attached" screen that doesn't allow any navigation or control.

    I've had iTunes Match since last year. When playing through the car's iPod interface, the music app shuffles through songs that are already downloaded. So the Civic's interface will show "Playing 1/160" which means I have 160 songs downloaded on to the iPhone. This is how it has worked for the entire past year and continues to work this way with my iPhone 5 with iOS6 and a lightning cable connected to the car.

    BUT....something strange happened this morning. I plugged in my iPhone and my car started playing a song I knew wasn't downloaded on to my iPhone. I looked at the car's display and it read "playing 1/4500", meaning it saw the 4,500 songs that were in my iTunes Match library. During my drive, the phone/car continued to play streaming music. I maybe played and skipped through 10 songs during my trip. The next time I got in my car, it didn't read the iTunes Match library and was back to playing only the songs available on the phone.

    Any ideas on how or why this happened? I've wanted to use iTunes Match in my car for forever. Whatever glitch/bug happened this morning showed that it is possible. Not having iTunes Match in the car is especially cumbersome now that iOS6 doesn't have that cloud download button in the music app.

    2011-honda-civic-EX-L-ipod-connection.jpg interior-usb.jpg
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    My 08 civic has an aux input that I plug into my phone's headphone jack, doesn't yours? If nobody can help you figure this problem out then you can just use itunes match like normally, but you will lose the integration functionality.
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    iTunes match works in my VW head unit.

    Do you have a have Cellular Data turned on when using iTunes match and iTunes in the cloud? it maybe that you don't and iTunes Match worked while you still had a lingering wifi connection.
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    Are you head banging and tapping your finger enough?
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    Mine has that also but not being able to switch songs with the steering wheel controls is a big tradeoff. I love iTunes Match but I prefer the integration. I've tried the AUX route and have tended to resort back to the limited music library with steering wheel controls.

    Everything is turned on. I use iTunes Match streaming regularly now thanks to the better streaming functionality and LTE connection so the settings are all correct.
    I've used an iPhone in a VW also. It must be a different interface. I know VW/Audi use their own special 30-pin cable (though it could still technically be the same end result connection). I assume Honda's software is causing the issues.
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    Hmmm. I have a 2012 Civic and can play my iTunes Match songs with no problem. Just like you, my Music app becomes disabled, forcing me to use the car's navigation instead, but when I go to my playlists I see all of my music there. Does the 2009’s menu allow you to search by playlists, artists, albums, etc? Even if it doesn't, I don't see how that would disable streaming or 'hide' your iTunes Match music. You should contact Honda or Apple and see if they can help.

    Also, what happens if you start playing (streaming) a song that's on the cloud and then connect to the car's USB port? Will it continue to play that song or does it then go back to your locally-stored songs only?

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