iTunes Music Store Song Clip to Song Clip Continuous Play Solution

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    I have developed a solution that makes it possible to continually listen to song clips from the iTunes Music Store without changing to a new song clip manually every 30 seconds.

    After a song clip in the iTunes Music Store is finished playing, iTunes doesn't play the next track like it does when it plays full songs in the iTunes Music Library. This forces the user to manually play each song clip every 30 seconds if the user wants to listen to more than one song clip.

    I made an AppleScript that goes forward to the next song clip and plays it 32 seconds after a song clip begins playing in the Music Store. This way the next song clip starts playing automatically about 2 seconds (the extra 2 seconds allows for streaming) after the previous one. The AppleScript is available for download at the bottom of this post.

    The AppleScript works when the AppleScript is started when iTunes has Music Store song clips in the view with columns that have various track information such as the "Name" and "Price" sortable columns.

    Tips to Avoid Having Problems With This Solution:
    • Be sure to stop the AppleScript before quitting iTunes otherwise iTunes will keep opening back up every 32 seconds.
    • Don't install the AppleScript as an iTunes script item. I tried it and it didn't work well. (I forget exactly what happened but I think the delay command in the AppleScript caused problems with iTunes.)
    • Don't run the AppleScript in a program that doesn't let you stop the AppleScript. This is because the AppleScript has the repeat command built-in and the AppleScript won't be able to stop unless you logout (or in extreme cases restart the system). Because of this I recommend running this AppleScript in the Script Editor application only.
    • Something that can be annoying is, when a short list of song clips is played, as soon as the AppleScript gets to the bottom of the list it keeps playing the last one over and over again. Because of this I would recommend making a playlist in iTunes that stores a long list of your favorite 30 second iTunes Music Store song clips. This way you can have the playlist be repeated for times it reaches the bottom of the playlist and you can even shuffle the song clips.
    • To avoid waiting up to 32 seconds for the first song clip to start, let the AppleScript start playing a song clip, don't start the AppleScript while iTunes is playing a song clip.

    I am not a skilled programmer (in fact this is the only program I have ever written) so I am sure some of you guys can enhance this solution (although it works well as it is). I hope everyone likes this solution.

    If anyone needs screenshots for clarification on anything in this post, feel free to ask.

    By the way, if you think this solution is good enough to be a sticky in this thread section don't forget tell the moderators.

    500th Post!

    Here is the AppleScript:

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    Everyone who uses the iTunes music store should like this solution.
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