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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by The Reaper, Aug 6, 2003.

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    something just occurred to me. everyone has been saying that apple will simply release iTunes for Windows to the general PC public before the end of the year, and that there is no guarantee that people will use it in place of alternatives (WMP, Musicmatch etc).

    here is what i think:

    apple's main use for the iTunes music store is as an incentive to get an iPod. the small revenue stream generated from song sale is a distant second. now, about half of all iPods have been sold to PC users. that's quite a large group of people who are apple friendly. these people will take the best solution to using their iPods - iTunes. so apple already practically has their foot in the door as far as entering the windows market. conventional wisdom would suggest that most PC users are ignorant, and would not switch to better alternatives because they do not like the unknown. i think that (combined with a clever advertising campain) apple can become a dominant force on the PC side of online payed m usic services. the number of PC users with iPods outnumbers the memberships to all of the other services combined. i can't picture any PC iPod user using anything OTHER than iTunes.

    please add.
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    Especially The Reaper's signature. :D
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    Re: iTunes on windows

    Oh Please! :rolleyes: What a stupid maczealot statement. Yes, some PC users are ignorant, but so are many Apple users, blinded by their love for all things Apple that just refuse to believe that maybe Windows XP doesn't crash as often as they would like to think.
    I am a PC user, am I ignorant?

    Sorry about that, it just drives me mad when people slate one platform with such blanket statements, I find myself equally wound up by similar posts (but the other way round) @ PC forums.

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