iTunes playing mp4


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Dec 29, 2001
I got mpeg4 to work in iTunes 3, try, it this is legit, so don't complain, take a look , I have no idea, I didn't touch anything .

I'm showing you it in QT and iTunes to show I'm not BS


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Nov 25, 2001
Champaign, IL, USA
If QuickTime can play a certain audio file type, iTunes can also. However, you'll find that it will lagg a fair bit (you'll hear the audio stutter when hiding and showing the app) plus other features such as visualizations and equalizer will not work.

iTunes 4 is widely rumored to feature full MPEG4/AAC support as well as Rendezvous sharing and Smart Visualizations.


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Dude I thought this was old news. I played mp4s in iTunes back when Quicktime 6 came out. I thought the 'mp4 support' the future iTunes is rumored to have was so people could convert the CDs directly to mp4 from iTunes instead of going through Quicktime.

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