iTunes playlist to play random songs for specified period of time?

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    Apr 12, 2013

    I'm trying to create an iTunes playlist to play random songs for specified period of time (say, playing random songs for 30 minutes and then stop playback).
    Is something like this possible?

    Here is what I have tried already:

    - create a smart playlist
    - enable a checkbox 'Limit to (30) minutes selected by (random)
    - enable a live updating checkbox

    This works, but the playlist remains static, so it plays the same random songs for 30 minutes every time you load the playlist instead of refreshing the songs at the time the playlist is loaded.

    Then I tried to add a line 'Last played: not in the last 30 days' to the playlist rules, and this seems to work, but the playlist never stop to play, as the new songs are constantly added to the playlist as the playback continues... :(

    Any other ideas?
    Thank you for help!
  2. KALLT, Dec 2, 2014
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    An alternative would be to clear the playlist manually by selecting all songs at once and pressing the delete key. This will only remove them from the playlist, not delete them from your library and will force the playlist to add new songs provided you checked 'Live updating'.

    You could also just uncheck 'Live updating' and keep your last-played condition (you don't need to set it to 30 days, you just need to set a timespan that it large enough to kick them out the list). This will prevent the playlist from updating indefinitely and force it to choose new songs after you listened to them recently. To refresh the playlist you simply right-click on it and choose 'Update Smart Playlist' before you play it.
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    Apr 12, 2013
    This is a good idea, but unfortunately it does not helps me much, as I wanted to use these time-limited playlists as a sleep-timers when starting iTunes playback from iOS Remote app (so I have no easy access to my Mac for editing or right-clicking).

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