itunes saying I have 5x the photos on my phone than I do?

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    My phone keeps running out of storage so I finally plugged it into my macbook to get a better picture of what was going on and although my camera roll says I have 400ish photos, itunes is saying I have 2,400+ photos!

    Would apps like iPhoto and the like be duplicating and storing my camera roll and album photos in the app? I understand that edited photos will be saved in the app, but it doesn't, by virtue of using it, duplicate all the other "native" camera roll photos to store them in the app does it? FWIW I really don't use that many photo apps and I use no "camera" apps so I dont have photos hiding in those apps.

    Could my photo streams be effecting the number of photos? I thought they were all stored off of the phone in iCloud?
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    Update: I restored the phone from a backup, but it ended up deleting everything (all apps, etc) except for my camera roll. I tried to restore from a saved backup again but now it's saying that there is not enough room. Its still reporting over 2,000 photos.
    The only thing I can think of is it is including photo stream photos?

    ETA: I also have about 3+ GB of "other" even after the restore

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