itunes says I have two apps needed to be DL, but I already did...

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by JackSpearo, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. JackSpearo macrumors regular

    Jul 10, 2008
    title says it all

    itunes says two apps need to be downloaded, but when I go to update them, it tells me there is nothing to update, but I still have that annoying 2 on my iphone, even after I sync it


    any ideas?
  2. Amt macrumors regular

    Aug 19, 2008
  3. SFC Archer macrumors 68000

    SFC Archer

    Nov 9, 2007
    Troy, MT
    Re-Authorize your computer. In iTunes Click "Store", "Authorize Computer" and follow the prompts. This will not affect your five authorized but will fix the hang up.

    Good Luck

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