itunes sometimes dupes and adds 1 to end of mp3 filenames on import

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by michael gavriel, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. michael gavriel macrumors newbie

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    Hello all,

    I searched and couldn't find anyone discussing this phenomenon... though I'm sure there's a method to it.

    Quick background info...
    I use torrents to download most of my music. I download the torrents to my downloads folder. For example if the torrent is called Greatest Hits it ends up in a subfolder of downloads ... \downloads\Greatest Hits. To add the music to my library I open \downloads in Finder and drag the Greatest Hits folder from the finder window to the itunes icon in the dock. My itunes preferences are set to copy music to my itunes library folder (which is totally separate from \downloads, i think it's something like \documents\itunes\music). And i also have preferences set to keep the library organized.

    The issue...
    This process often works perfectly. Everything is added nicely to itunes and I go ahead and drag the Greatest Hits folder from the \downloads folder to the trash, and then empty the trash. But sometimes, itunes will dupe the mp3's i've just added in my library.

    It will, for example, add to my library a tracklist like this:

    song 1
    other song
    other song 1
    next song
    next song 1

    Where the songs with 1 at the end are dupes of their twin without the 1.

    Finally, my question...

    I haven't figured out the rhyme or reason to what files itunes will dupe in this manner. I think it has something to do with having track numbers in the original filenames (rather than in the id3's?). But I haven't noticed a definitive pattern. Am i missing something obvious? Has anyone seen this happen before? Point me in the right direction?

    thank you.

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    You're probably adding a .m3u file when you drag your legally downloaded music files from the folder into iTunes.
  3. jjbankhead macrumors newbie

    Jun 14, 2009
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    I am also new to MAC and ITUNES and i noticed this type of issue as well.

    i noticed while i was moving my files from where my torrnets were originally completed at to my external that if i opened it then moved it it would duplicate in Itunes.

    2 things i found here that have helped...

    #1) set your Itunes preferences to store your library where you keep your music files. (essentially make them the same folder)

    #2) set your system preferences to where your downloaded music goes right into that same folder. (whether when you extract the .rar or when the torrent completes)

    so basically what i have noticed is mac duplicates the file in the itunes library folder (listed on my system as MUSIC when i found it) and i had dupes of each file i had moved to my Itunes library.

    I also noticed that every time i thought i was updating my library- i was in itunes and selected file>add to library> then selected the folder where i moved all my music files..

    my thinking was it would not duplicate the files but rather update the missing files. this is incorrect... it was making multiples of the files so when i played an album track 1 would be there 3-4 times.

    hope i am on track with your issue.

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