I've been using Windows all my life....

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by dotcomlarry, Dec 22, 2002.

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    Jul 16, 2002
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    Well, I guess i'll take the opportunity to write my switch story...

    I've been using Windows all my life. I thought for the longest time that people who didn't use Windows were weird, weird indivduals. Using Macs in computer class made me that much more anti-Mac (of course they were older models) and I couldn't imagine life without Windows. I had known about Apple for a while, but never really seen an Apple machine in the flesh, so to speak, until TV Production class in High School, with the brand-spankin' new 5-color iMacs. I still didn't think Apple computers were all that great, but they looked interesting.

    It wasn't until I really got into TV Production and video editing that I heard that Macs were the best platform for DV. I thought I'd read up on them, and the new Mac OS X seemed very promising, even before it came out. I followed Mac rumor sites intently, reading up on the next latest and greatest toy from Apple.

    It wasn't until my job was expanded from mere webmaster to a multimedia producer. I took the opportunity to request a nice setup using, of course, a Mac. I got a Dual 1ghz machine, and from the moment I used it, i was hooked.

    I just now bought a new Powerbook G4 for myself, and it arrived at my house December 16th, 2002. My first Macintosh computer that I own. My PC still sits on my desk, while I have this thing on my lap. I don't think I've turned on my PC since my TiBook arrived :)

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