I've found my perfect combo of cases for my white iPhone 4S

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Nhwhazup, Oct 24, 2011.

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    I've been looking for awhile and I think I've got the perfect combo for me. I have the white Phone Suit battery case to use on the weekends when my iPhone gets non-stop use and needs the extra juice. This case is definitely worth the money and compliments the white phone perfectly - same exact color, non scratching and good feel. Provides great and fast recharge as well.

    For during the week when I want a minimalistic look, I've ordered the white Sonix snap case in the matt white finish. I currently have the Incipio feather in the glossy white which is okay but I prefer the matt finish and also prefer the same edge on both sides which not only does the Sonix provide but it also has the top protection. They are really cheap in comparison with the others on the market and have everything I want so I ordered two of them. I'll report back once I receive them.

    There are so many cases out there you would think that I could find several different brands that match want I'm looking for but it's been quite a search.

    The only thing that I might find that detracts from the Sonix is that the hole for the camera and flash is pretty tight so I'm afraid it will have the dreaded flash back off the white case. I rarely use the flash as I prefer the more natural photos so it shouldn't be a problem for me. I might even try blacking out the hole with a black sharpie.
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    usually they make white cases glossy because the matte finish gets dirty as soon as you take you eyes off it.
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    I would also like pictures when you are able to provide them.
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